Who’s firing and who’s hiring

It’s time for a quick snapshot of recent news in engineering and IT jobs. This list captures most major announcements, as well as a sampling of more local hiring and firing moves. Most of the hiring action in third quarter of 2018 seemed to be outside of Silicon Valley, given the tight market for both engineers and office space in Bay Area.

1st, Amazon is number one. Amazon’s latest hiring announcements included 300 tech jobs in its quickly expanding San Diego Tech Hub, and 1,000 jobs in and around Ireland, Dublin. According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the San Diego, Calif., jobs involve machine learning, software development, cloud computing, and digital entertainment, fraud prevention. According to the Irish Mirror, the Dublin tech jobs involved network engineering, software engineering, machine learning, and data specialization. Comes next Microsoft, Qualtrics, STATSports, General Motors, Uber, Capgemini, Axiscades, Walmart, American Express, Geico, JPMorgan Chase, Harley-Davidson, and Intel.

On the other hand, Evernote, the note-taking app company, told employees in September that it will reduce jobs by 54. This’s about 15 percent of their workforce. Marvell declared 150 job cuts, and Symantec 1000 of its 12500 employees.

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